Starting at Jan 2017, A Blue line, labeled "Quits", hovers over a grey line labeled "Layoffs & Discharges" showing the the number of people who willingly leave jobs is higher than the number who are let go. Both lines remain consistently below or near 100,000, with the Layoffs & Discharges line often closer to 50,000. That changes in April and March 2020 as the Layoffs & Discharges line spikes to over 250,000 and the quits line drops to about 50,000. Layoffs & Discharges quickly returns to under 50,000 the following month while quits begin to climb again. After July 2021, the Quits line is consistently near or well above 100,000 while the Layoffs & Discharges line goes well below 50,000 - showing that the gaps between the two types of separation has widened. But the quits line suddenly trends below 100,000 in May and slightly lower, again, in June. That same month, the Layoffs & Discharges Line suddenly spikes upward, closing the gap somewhat.