This graphic compares the average monthly premiums for Salem, OR’s top insurers for four different age groups. These age groups are 17-year olds, 25-year olds, 35-year olds, and 65-year olds. This is important to take into consideration because insurance providers charge different rates based on the policy holder’s age. If you’re a 17-year old and are looking for the cheapest insurance provider in Salem, USAA has the cheapest average cost at $662. Allstate, on the other hand, is the most expensive provider, with an average cost of $1,400. The best and worst providers for 25-year olds are: Allstate ($448) and State Farm ($269). For 35-year olds, USAA is the cheapest, and Allstate is the most expensive, at $208 and $422, respectively. And for those that are in the last age group, USAA is the cheapest insurance provider ($207), and Allstate is the least affordable provider for 60-year olds at $398 on average.