This chart reflects the responses we received as of May 2, 2018

Full Compliance: Provided both employee names and categories of leave, or indicated no employee was on leave on that date.
Partial Compliance: Indicated employees were on leave, but did not include some information such as the employee names. Some districts said they did not feel they could disclose names of employees on FMLA or Medical leave. The Freedom of Information Commission confirmed the names of public employees on FMLA or Medical leave is disclosable.
In Process: Acknowledged receipt of our request and indicated they are in the process of pulling records together.
Awaiting Response: Has not yet acknowledged receipt of our request.
Awaiting Payment: Has records responsive to the request, but is waiting for payment of copying fees. State law allows agencies to charge 50 cents per page for copying public records.
Declined to Respond: Suggested we send our request to the state Department of Education.
No Records: Cited a court decision which said public agencies are not obligated to create records that would otherwise provide the requested information.