The final scores are averages of all the sub-indices (10 sub-indices for all cities barring Kolkata, for which an average of nine sub-indices is considered). The Commute Speed sub-index reflects the median work week speeds across major arterial roads. The Public Transport sub-index reflects rail density, metro density, and bus fleet sizes across cities. The Migrant Flow sub-index reflects the proportion of new migrants (between 2001-11) across cities. The Diversity sub-index is the inverse of a segregation index that measures caste-based residential segregation. The Affordable Housing sub-index reflects the median rental values. The Dineout sub-index reflects cost, variety, and ratings of top-rated restaurants across cities. The Social Infra sub-index reflects the number of schools and health centres per capita. The Greenery sub-index reflects the green cover per capita. The Clean Air sub-index reflects the inverse of the average pollutant (SO2, CO2, PM10 and PM 2.5) values for these cities in 2018. The Municipal Finances sub-index reflects the normalised municipal spending per capita.