Scatter plot of MLB teams: Doyle number versus Farm percentile. According to Doyle, the Dodgers (2.18) are the team that should be willing to give up the most future talent to improve in 2021, followed by the Houston Astros (1.99), San Diego Padres (1.60), Tampa Bay Rays (1.58) and Chicago White Sox (1.53). Those clubs make sense as this year’s tier of clear buyers, since they also represent most of the teams with the best World Series odds, and we’ve found that a flags-fly-forever approach works best in baseball -- even the best teams can boost their championship odds significantly, with minimal diminishing returns, by improving their rosters for the postseason. The rest of the teams that should buy -- or at least could make a case for it if the price was right -- are the New York Mets (1.39), San Francisco Giants (1.37), Oakland A’s (1.14), Boston Red Sox (1.13), New York Yankees (0.96), Cleveland Indians (0.87), Milwaukee Brewers (0.86) and Chicago Cubs (0.86).