A map of the United States depicts how long state laws give insurance companies to process and respond to prior authorization requests. States are divided into five categories: Those where timing is not outlined in the law, States allowing up to two days, States allowing three to five days, States allowing 7 to 10 days and states giving insurers up to 15 days or more to process a non-urgent prior authorization request. Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada, California, Florida and Connecticut do not have timing outlined in their state laws. Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New Hampshire allow up to 15 days or more. Montana, New Mexico, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, and Delaware allow insurers 7 to 10 days. The remaining states allow up to 5 days, except for North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming and South Carolina, which do not have any laws about prior authorization at all. The state law information for this map was compiled from research by the American Medical Association and TriageCancer.org. The map was created by Emily Featherston with Investigate-TV.