Various factors on your driving record will have an impact on your monthly insurance costs. This graphic demonstrates how much you can expect to pay for each of these factors when you have an insurance policy with one of Clarksville, TN’s top insurance providers. If you have a clean record, the insurance provider that will be the cheapest for you is USAA at $162 per month, and the provider that is the most expensive is Allstate at $335 per month. For those that have an accident on their record, the cheapest provider and the most costly will be Allstate ($400) and Farmers ($239) respectively. If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, Allstate and GEICO will be the most affordable and the least affordable, at $384 and $162. Finally, for those that have had a DUI, the least expensive provider is State Farm at $162, and the most costly is Allstate at $485.