Figure 2.4.8 - Bicyclist Fatalities per Bicyclist Commuters by State Over Time

On average, the rate of bicyclist fatalities per bicyclist commuters in the United States increased roughly 48% between 2013 and 2022. Only seven states saw a decrease in this bicyclist fatality rate over this time period. This type of metric is a proxy for volume-based risk metrics commonly used by traffic safety agencies and is used because no volume estimates exist for biking in the United States.

Data displayed is based on the average number of bicyclist traffic fatalities per state for the given time periods. Commuter data is based upon 5-year estimates from the B08006 table of the America Community Survey for the last year of each 5-year period. Bicyclist fatalities per commuter represents bicyclist deaths per ten thousand bicyclist commuters. This change reflects both more bicyclist deaths and fewer bicycle commuters.