Table showing the 10 companies that invested the largest sums in R&D worldwide in 2020, along with details of how much they invested: Alphabet (€22.4bn), Huawei (€17.5bn), Microsoft (€16.9bn), Samsung (€15.9bn), Apple (€15.3bn), Facebook (€15.0bn), Volkswagen (€13.9bn), Roche (€11.2bn), Intel (€11.0bn) and Johnson & Johnson (€9.9bn). Also shown are the six companies in the 'Nonlife Insurance' industry which made the EU's ranking of the top 2500 R&D investors in 2020: RSA (955: €130mn), Scor (1262: €92mn), W&W (1496: €73mn), Harel (1756: €60mn), Phoenix (2250: €42mn) and Verisk (2364: €40mn).