Some comparisons of actual and decoded language from the study. Actual stimulus 1: “I got up from the air mattress and pressed my face against the glass of the bedroom window expecting to see eyes staring back at me but instead finding only darkness” Decoded stimulus 1: “i just continued to walk up to the window and open the glass i stood on my toes and peered out i didn’t see anything and looked up again i saw nothing” Actual stimulus 2: “i didn't know whether to scream cry or run away instead i said leave me alone i don't need your help adam disappeared and i cleaned up alone crying” Decoded stimulus 2: “started to scream and cry and then she just said i told you to leave me alone you can't hurt me anymore i'm sorry and then he stormed off i thought he had left i started to cry” Actual stimulus 3: “that night i went upstairs to what had been our bedroom and not knowing what else to do i turned out the lights and lay down on the floor” Decoded stimulus 3: “we got back to my dorm room i had no idea where my bed was i just assumed i would sleep on it but instead i lay down on the floor” Actual stimulus 4: “i don't have my driver's license yet and i just jumped out right when i needed to and she says well why don't you come back to my house and i'll give you a ride i say ok” Decoded stimulus 4: “she is not ready she has not even started to learn to drive yet i had to push her out of the car i said we will take her home now and she agreed”